Erotic massages

Erotic massage

You will be accompanied by our beautiful and professional masseur during TOP erotic massage (you can also order two masseurs at one time). You will choose the best masseur for you on your own. She will be completely naked and she will spoil you by her touches on your whole body and also on your intimate parts. The massage starts with a shower in one of our five luxury rooms. Then the masseur will massage softly your whole body, your back and very pleasing head massage. Then she will focus on your intimate parts - through very exciting massage of your penis she will lead you to extasy, including massage of your prostate gland if you want to. At the end, you will go to have a sensual shower with our masseur. You will leave full of unforgattable experience

NURU massage

If you wish to experience something extraordinary, your choice from our offer should be NURU massage. Difference between classic erotic massage and NURU erotic massage is in special NURU gel and in technique of massage – masseuse massages with her all body. This body to body energetic massage combinated with special character of NURU gel provides perfect relax for your body and mind. Again we focus on erotogenic zones and procedure is finished with pleasant penis massage.

Exclusive Angel massage

Exclusive massage: If you want to experience the best of our service - this massage is just right for you! You will be lead by our masseur who will be completely naked and your experience will be potentiated by mutual sensual touches. At first, you will have a shower with our beautiful masseur, after that you will get relaxing massage enriched by elements of NURU and TANTRA massage. Your masseur will also do "body to body" massage and apart from using a special massage oil, she will also use other sensual techniques like carresing you with peacock feathers or relax your body with hot towels. This massage includes massaging your body with masseur´s breast and also a massage of your erotic zones like inner side of your tights or a head massage. During this massage, you can choose any AROMA oil you like. At the end, you will get a penis massage, which will feel like paradise. In case you would like to relax a little bit more, you can use our whirpool for that. Finally, you will have a shower together with our masseur and you will leave as a reborn man.

Tantric massage in Prague

Tantric massage is a whole-body massage focused on all parts of your body (including genitalia and erogenous zones). It connects classic massage elements and tantric rituals (washing with warm towels, gentle touching with smooth items, ritual of adoring the body).

Tantric massage gives you an opportunity to enjoy your own body, your excitement and the presence of another person (masseur) who will help you spread the energy to all you body.

The course of a tantric massage in Prague

Tantric massages takes place in a pleasant environment filled with relaxation music, intimate candle light and scent of essential oils. A tantric massage starts with an introductory standing ritual when a woman is approaching a man or vice versa and they try to tune to each other in terms of energy and physiology. The masseur/masseuse tries to prepare the client for the following massage as much as possible by doing massage techniques, breathing exercises and unblocking their energy. During the tantric massage itself the whole body is first relaxed with warm towels soaked in scented bath. This is followed by a light part of the massage based on fanning and stroking the body with furs and feathers until it dries out completely. Then a sensual and exciting warm oil massage follows focused on all your body parts including genitalia and intimate zones. New sexual energy is spread to all the body which allows you to experience a whole-body extasy. The masseuse will show you how to breathe properly, focus on yourself and enjoy these beautiful moments of happiness and relaxation. You can experience all of this in Angel’s tantric massages in Prague.

Tantric ritual

Tantric ritual is a tantric massage which does not include intimate parts. It consists of an introductory ritual, massage with warm towels, drying the body gently by fanning and stroking it with feathers and furs, and gentle and relaxing oil massage.

Erotic penis massage

Erotic penis massages (lingam) has had a long tradition based on Kama Sutra, tantric and Taoist approach to sex. Unlike masturbation its aim is not an immediate extasy and release of sexual tension. On the contrary, the purpose of this massage is postponing and multiplying the experience of extasy. All of this you experience during the erotic penis massage.

The client lies on his back during all the massage and the masseuse focuses mainly on massaging the penis. Erotic penis massage is able to relieve a man’s stress and tension. Regular massages can improve overall state of health of the male genitalia.

Extasy comes at the very end of the massage. It is being suppressed and postponed during all the massage. The final climax is so strong that the whole experience is absolutely unforgettable. The saying “less climaxes is more” holds true here. If you wish to reach more climaxes the massage can be adjusted to your requirements.

Enjoy the intense erotic penis massage and relax in the intimate atmosphere of our massage salon.

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