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Couple erotic massage

Couples Erotic Massage is where two people are massaged in the same room at the same time by the same or different therapists. The course of erotic massage for two is primarily based on the wishes of the couple. By default, our erotic massage includes showering together and full body massage with hot oil in a pleasant environment, decorated with candle lights and relaxing background music. We focus on the intimate parts massage, so it can end with your intimate climax. If you wish to pay more attention to the woman or man in couple, so the therapists will proceed according to your request.At the end of couples erotic massage you can freely enjoy our massage room with your partner for the moments according to your own scenario without the presence or vice versa, in the presence of our therapists (they do NOT provide direct sexual services).


Lenght of Massage

1 hodina
1.5 hodiny
2 hodiny

1 therapist

2400 Kč
3200 Kč
4200 Kč

2 therapists

4600 Kč
6400 Kč
8200 Kč

Always something extra
Enhance your massage with our Extras. Choose from: Lap Dance, Lava Rocks, Foot Job or Prostate Massage.


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